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Contract Manufacturing

We provide contract manufacturing that guarantees your company a flowing production line and high-quality products in a cost-effective manner. We offer equipment manufacturers comprehensive automation designs, including software that we can follow with machine contract manufacturing, mechatronic assembly, industrial automation and automation and control enclosures. Our vast knowledge makes us your ideal contract manufacturing partner. User interface on a tablet.

We have many equipment manufacturers as customers. Like them, you know your product inside-out but you need expert help to execute automation. Our vast knowledge makes us your ideal contract manufacturing partner.

Product development and contract manufacturing

Product development is an inseparable part of a contract manufacturing process. Your products will need changes over time – we can design the necessary changes and bring them into production. You will benefit from a full service package, including revision management.

This will ensure a straightforward continuation of your product’s manufacturing in the long run, when we can systematically take into account even little changes and develop the product on your behalf. The biggest benefit for you is the freedom to focus on your core competencies while we carry on with the project.

Electrical enclosure with an internal fan.Enclosure manufacturing

Enclosure manufacturing always requires good design work, so turn to us. We offer high-class customised enclosure manufacturing for industrial and device manufacturers based on their own needs. Our enclosure manufacturing is renowned for reliability, a quality end result and guaranteed, quick availability of spare parts. We manufacture a wide range of enclosures using modern methods:

  •  Automation enclosures
  •  Logic enclosures and control enclosures
  •  Motor enclosures and pneumatic enclosures
  •  Control desks and cabinets
  •  Special bespoke solutions

We can supply ready and tested control enclosures, with the logic of the manufacturere your company wants, either as they are or installed in the machine’s permanent location. Our company is a holder of the S1 electrical qualification, which enables the manufacturing and installation of demanding equipment of 1000+ volts.

Control enclosure installation.Choose Metecno Oy as your partner

You will get reliability, a genuine desire to solve your company’s problems, and excellent design competence. After the manufacturing is completed we will stay by your side in case of fault conditions, which we will react to quickly.

Our goal is to create mutually satisfactory customer relationships, so as a service provider we are keen to optimise even the smallest of details in a project. Our new, modern premises guarantee the high technical quality you require from production.

Contract manufacturing is a smart, cost-effective choice when you need a competent partner or you want to outsource something that is not part of your core business.


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