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Enclosure Manufacturing

Enclosure manufacturing always requires good design work, so turn to us. We’ll be happy to take the overall responsibility for the project, from design to deployment. We offer high-class customised enclosure manufacturing for industrial and device manufacturers based on their own needs. Our enclosure manufacturing is renowned for reliability, a quality end result and guaranteed, quick availability of spare parts.
Electrical enclosure with an internal fan.

We manufacture a wide range of enclosures using modern methods:

  •  Automation enclosures
  •  Logic enclosures and control enclosures
  •  Motor enclosures and pneumatic enclosures
  •  Control desks and cabinets
  •  Special bespoke solutions

Enclosure manufacturing by Metecno Oy – benefits for your company

We will hole the cabinets with a completely CNC-controlled milling machine up to measures of 1600 x 3000 x 700 mm, which enables efficient production and a precise, clean-cut end result.

Control enclosures can be equipped with logic from your preferred manufacturer, plus we supply the enclosures fully tested and proved. For the manufacturing industry and device manufacturers, we provide expertise in the contract manufacturing of control enclosures.

It’s a cost-effective solution for your company when the need for enclosures is continuous and you want a standard delivery time and high quality. You’ll receive added value when we can quickly and efficiently design the changes your company needs and bring them to production systematically without your involvement.
Enclosure manufacturing requires professional skills.


We can supply ready and tested control enclosures either as they are or installed in the machine’s permanent location. Our installation service is a useful option for you since our company is a holder of the S1 electrical qualification, which guarantees installations according to regulations and enables the installation of demanding equipment of 1000+ volts. The lengthy experience of our personnel will guarantee our installations are efficient and immaculate.


Tell us your needs – we’ll be happy to help you!