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Modernisation of MachinesKelauskoneen modernisointi - ennen ja nyt.

The modernisation of an old but mechanically sound production machine is often a very smart choice instead of acquiring a new one. As a result, your old machine’s automation and security level will match the current requirements. In addition, the benefits are immediately available to you. 

It isn’t necessary to replace old milling machines just because their logic or operating principles are out-of-date. With modernisation we can cost-effectively prolong your machine’s life cycle, make up for its deficiencies and expand its functions.

Modernisation can be useful in cases where the uses of machines and systems change or they face increased requirements. Any machine is suitable, as long as we know for certain that the modernization will improve its qualities.

Why order modernisation from us?

We have several years of experience of different kinds of modernisation projects so you can rest assured of the project’s success. You can order modernisation for milling, production and CNC machines on a turnkey basis and thus save yourself time and effort. Our service is flexible and is provided at a competitive price level.

Modernization of a machine - an enclosure before and now.We will introduce all the benefits of modernisation early and have detailed discussions with you to provide exactly the modernisation you need. We will customise the control system and the user interface to match the demands and needs of your company. When the modernisation is complete, we can take care of the machine’s reliability and add features to it.

Modernisation offers many benefits:

  • It’s cheaper than acquiring a new machine
  • An old, robust machine will be utilised in the spirit of the circular economy
  • Your machine’s security level increases
  • Your machine’s productivity and performance increases
  • Commissioning training
  • Delivery time usually shorter than ordering a new one
  • Modernisation saves you from the laborious effort of acquiring a new machine

You will benefit in many ways from saving time, effort and costs. We will carry out modernisations, from design to execution, and on top of this we will provide thorough commissioning training.

Modernising old industrial machines isn’t our only area of expertise – we’re ready to execute more unusual modernisation projects.

Contact us, introduce your machine and tell us how you would like to improve it. We’ll visit your premises and offer our own solution to solving your problem. 


Tell us your needs – we’ll be happy to help you!