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Product Gallery

Metecno Oy product catalogue.

Product gallery page offers you information about our special purpose machines and the warranties we have issued. Check out our product catalogue to see what kind of machine and automation solutions we have manufactured so far.

The machines can be ordered as such with optimal delivery time – ask for the latest offer!

Please note that the technical characteristics attached to the machines are not standard. We can further design these machines to meet your specific needs and deliver new machines with new dimensions, including the installation of a new complete solution.


We grant a full 2-year warranty on each MeteCNC®– ja MeteMAN® special purpose machine.

Warranty details

The warranty covers all defects in the design, manufacture, materials and installation of the machine. Component selections for MeteCNC® and MeteMAN® machines are made to guarantee the lifespan of a machine for 10 years. We also guarantee the availability of spare parts for 10 years.

Product Brochures

This product gallery includes some of our special purpose machines. Click on the image and you will see a brochure for the special purpose machine. In addition, you can see videos of our special purpose machines on our Youtube channel.

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