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MeteMAN® Assembly Cell.

Assembly Cell

Assembly cell connected to Fastems’ flexible manufacturing system (FMS) will take your company’s production to the 2020s.

MeteMAN® Assembly Cell will automate the assembly of a shaft or other product, offering your company the best of unmanned production.

Specifically, it can provide:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • End products without quality deviations
  • No production shutdowns

Fully automatic with flexible automation from Fastems

MeteMAN® Cell can function as an independent production cell, but it provides the greatest benefit when connected to a flexible manufacturing system.

The benefits arise from the integration of the production chain:

  • Orders from ERP
  • Raw materials, machining and assembly as part of the FM system
  • Finished products to be taken to the platform by robot


Assembly cell provides numerous benefits

Assembly automation brings significant benefits to the company, all of which are measurable.

The assembly cell or its application can also enhance an already well-functioning assembly. In other words, this is how your business benefits from the MeteMAN® Cell:

  • More effective production hours
  • Increase in production flexibility
  • Increase in staff efficiency
  • No quality deviations in the products
  • Storage of usage data
  • Management of several machines with one controller

Modular assembly cell

We have designed the first-generation MeteMAN® Cell to be modular, making it flexible to meet production needs.

As a modular cell, it can consist of several robots and various special purpose machines for instance. All machines will communicate smoothly with the company’s production control system.

There is also the option of customising the cell into a stand-alone, semi-automatic cell. In this case, the cell requires manual component loading and removal of the finished assemblies.

For many different products

MeteMAN® can be customised to the widest possible range of products.

The dimensions, weight and number of pieces can vary greatly. The cell is currently designed for solids of revolution but it is also applicable to the assembly of polygons.

Technical highlights

This assembly cell is a modern application of production technology with the latest engineering.

Automatic, servo-operated special purpose machines and KUKA robots take care of the correct handling of components. In addition, protective walls, light curtains and security programming ensure a high level of security.

“Fully parametric cell controller allows a myriad of recipes for different assemblies + the cell can be integrated with MES and ERP systems = enjoy modern, centralised management.”

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The design of an individual, customised cell starts from your company’s product and above all, the number of parts that need to be assembled into it.

In conclusion, tell us about your needs. After that let’s ponder together about the potential of our assembly cell to increase the efficiency of your company’s production – with or without an FMS.


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