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MeteMAN® Assembly Rotator | Up to 700 kg assemblies.

Assembly Rotator

The assembly rotator machine is an automatic 4-in-1 solution for heavy-duty, continuous production.

With the machine, the actual assembly work of the worker is significantly lightened and made more efficient.

The Finnish MeteMAN® Assembly Rotator allows a worker to perform four assembly-critical processes on the same machine:

  • Assembly posture
  • Assembly instruction
  • List of assembly components
  • Working height

How to use the rotator

Simply attach the piece to the rotator and run the workflows from the interface automatically.

  • For each step, you will see the required assembly instructions and the machine will change the correct assembly position for you
  • In the list of assembly components you can see all the parts to be mounted on the piece and you can also adjust the working height according to your preferences
  • The Forward and Back buttons give you control over the process, and you can also return to the previous position if you wish
  • As a logged-in user, working positions and heights are tailored just for you.

“The machine enables easy, assembly work of uniform quality, where the possibility of human error is minimised by automation.”

Unknown machine designer

Metecno Oy

Benefits of the automatic rotator

MeteMAN® represents the modern production machine with its versatility.

This Finnish rotator is:

  • Efficient
  • CE marked
  • Maintenance-free
  • Can be equipped with the customer’s preferred adapter
  • Can be tailored to different needs, even for heavier assemblies
  • Full 2-year warranty

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