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Vulcanising MachineVulcanising machine for hot splicing.

Vulcanising machine that splices the ends of rubber profiles quickly and reliably.

From a Finnish manufacturer an advanced automation solution for hot splicing of rubber gaskets.

This high-performance, rigid MeteMAN® ensures precise, well-aligned joints.

Versatile functions

This vulcanising machine, or splicing press as some refer to it, offers many options for optimising the hot splicing process.

It has four electrically heated jaws and each with its own temperature regulator. Different rubber profiles require jaw replacements that you can easily plug-and-play with minimal adjustment work.

You can attach both small and large jaws to the machine, depending on the rubber profile you need to splice.

The temperature regulator adjusts to the size of the selected tool thanks to the auto tuning feature of the PID controller, which above all reduces electricity consumption.

"We grant a full 2-year warranty on the MeteMAN® machine. It covers all defects in design, manufacture, materials and installation."

Good UX

The clear, carefully designed user interface provides the vulcaniser with a high-quality user experience.

The touch screen is suitably responsive to keystrokes and the large screen size certainly ensures easy readability. The machine can be inclined up to 22 degrees to suit the operator ergonomics.

Technically advancedUser interface of a MeteMAN vulcanising machine.

This vulcanising press takes into account different needs.

It offers height adjustment for two different jaws with up to 90 mm adjustment. As a result, this allows you to set the profiles to the correct position at their ideal height.

You can also adjust the compression pressures of the jaws, which most importantly allows the profiles to be compressed with just the right force. This without a doubt makes the joining even easier.

Safe to use

The machine safety of the machine is precisely defined.

In other words, with a two-handed control and foot pedal, the operator’s safety is ensured and misuse of the device is effectively prevented.

"It is also possible to make cost-effective customisation for the machine to meet the specific needs of your business."

2 year full warranty

Reliable machine with the best product warranty in the industry.

The full warranty guarantees peace of mind for production for 24 months. In addition, even after the end of the warranty we provide service and spare parts service with a short response time.

In each of our products high quality is the most important feature . Find out what Metecno’s quality is!

“MeteMAN® – To Optimise Production.”



Price from 48 000 €