Our References – Metecno Oy


Over the years we have established lasting business relationships with many of our customers.

We can safely say we have enjoyed working and innovating solutions together with them.

Find out how they have experienced the solutions we’ve made!

“The CNC laser welding machine manufactured by Metecno Oy modernised our laser welding process. Our production volume is now significantly higher and products are welded cost-effectively.

We had already implemented laser welding in the past, but I wanted to further develop our production with a partner that was recommended to us. So, together with Metecno, we started to implement a laser welding machine according to our own specifications, which was not available anywhere else in the world. Manufacturing a unique CNC machine presented challenges, but Metecno always found solutions.

Based on this machine project, I can sum up Metecno Oy as a technically advanced machine manufacturer with a solid understanding of how to solve the customer’s machine needs.”

Juha Haaslahti, CEO
Hollmén & Co Oy

“We ordered the MeteCNC® Welding Disc Lathe to improve the quality level of our welding discs. It has proven to be a high quality CNC special purpose machine that produces consistent quality welding discs and meets our production needs day after day.

The overall delivery of Metecno was a great success. Although it was a complete product, the minor modifications we requested were successfully tailored and the commissioning went smoothly.

The machine has now been in intensive operation for almost a year and the user experience has been good. The switch from manual turning of discs to Metecno’s automated special purpose machine has improved the quality level of our welding discs and increased the uptime of our production.”

J. Keskitalo, Development Engineer
Outokumpu Stainless Oy

“We needed a special purpose machine to assemble the parts in a fully automated production cell where the part is handled by robots. The precision requirements for the assembly were challenging, but innovative ideas from Metecno’s designers didn’t run out and the collaboration worked really smoothly.

We also received added features to the machine without asking them that have proven useful. Thanks to this special purpose machine, the quality of the assembly can now be monitored even in unmanned driving.

The most positive thing was that Metecno’s interest in the project didn’t end with the delivery of the machine with the appropriate documentation, but the company remained involved in the cooperation until the end, finalising the cell to work. As a service provider, Metecno responded well to our need for a total delivery that meets the requirements of the standards, which few suppliers are able to do.”

Anni Pylkki, Production Development Engineer
AGCO Power Oy

“At the beginning of 2016, we needed high-quality enclosure manufacturing on a fast schedule. Metecno’s staff were able to respond quickly and understood our needs immediately, offering their own strong ideas about ​how best to implement the control.

It has been easy to deal with them from the start and the completed solution has been technically improved. In addition, response times to failures have been short, and the exemplary treatment of potential problems may have even strengthened Arskametalli’s relationship with its end customers.

As a contract manufacturer, Metecno has been able to keep production costs under control with small steps in product development, and its motorised distributor control centre has tripled the sales of our distributors. Its clear plug and play solution has pleased our customers too.

It has been beneficial for our company to have a reliable enclosure and contract manufacturer in Metecno and not have to spend resources on searching for other service providers.”

Markku Kankare, Production and Design Manager
Arskametalli Oy

“As Metecno’s first customer, we have been ordering various solutions from them since 2008. During this time, Metecno’s solutions have worked as promised from mechanics to automation, and collaboration in solution design has been smooth.

For example, the modernisation of the winding machine that was important to us fulfilled all the goals we set for the project. In the past, we couldn’t produce enough high-quality material, but thanks to modernisation by Metecno, the rewinding machine is now very accurate and produces high quality material.

Of particular benefit to us is the opportunity they offer to add new features to our machines along the way as our needs change, which have also been used successfully. With long experience, I know that Metecno’s expertise is extensive and reliable, so it’s easy to believe in the next solution too. I highly recommend them to others.”

Jani Korpimäki, CTO
CSI Composites Solutions and Innovations Oy

“We needed to modernise the old production machine because the control system was outdated and its operation was unreliable. We asked for suggestions from a few companies, but the solution presented by Metecno was well thought-out and better than what we had first thought.

We got what we wanted from Metecno, and now we have a machine that is reliable in operation and maintenance, with excellent machining accuracy. In retrospect, the focus remains on how carefully Metecno listened to our wishes and genuinely thought about our needs in search of the best possible solution.”

Olli Toiviainen, CEO
Hämeenkyrön Ikkunatehdas Oy