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Electric manipulator MeteMAN® NPK-60-3300.

Electric Manipulator

Electric manipulator for moving and handling heavy objects – lift easily and delivers with precision in less than a minute!

MeteMAN® NPK-60-3300 is a modern lifting device for various lifting situations where the object needs to be moved horizontally.

A straightforward process

Using MeteMAN® manipulator with a joystick is simple:

  • Attach gripper to the workpiece
  • Lift and guide the piece to the desired location
  • Lower and remove the piece to the nearest millimeter

Boom control

Boom control enables many things:

  • Three-point folding boom ensures smooth movements over the entire semi-circular operating range
  • Moving the boom horizontally is easy manually – just push the joystick at the speed you want
  • For machines and storage shelves that cannot be accessed from above, this manipulator offers a new way to quickly move pieces

“The electric manipulator is a more agile solution than a traditional boom lift and it also offers more features than standard load and chain lifts.”

Unknown machine designer

Metecno Oy

For whom an electric manipulator?

For all companies that need a cost-effective, easy and accurate piece handler.

To assist another machine:

  • Edging machines
  • Drilling machines
  • Machine tools
  • Measuring machines

As an independent manipulator of different materials:

  • Metals
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Plastic

Safe UX

The safety of the machine is designed from the user’s point of view.

  • The machine stops automatically when the workpiece is placed on the worktop
  • An emergency button on the boom is within reach of the user and a second emergency button on the frame allows external assistance
  • Clear, comprehensive operating instructions leave no doubt about the safe use of the device
  • Numerous safety labels remind even inexperienced users of proper precautions and protective equipment
  • CE marked

See the benefits:

  • Piece attachment in seconds
    –> Quick start to the work process

  • Positioning the piece to the nearest millimeter
    –> Saves working hours

  • Agile compared to traditional lifting methods
    –> A faster work cycle

  • Very controlled positioning
    –> High work safety level

  • Modern, user-friendly device
    –> Improves employee ergonomics

  • Using the gripper with one-hand control, at the touch of a button
    –> Good UX translates into quality of work

Options for additional devices

The auxiliary output allows the addition of various electronic devices.

  • The machine can be equipped with a rotating MeteMAN® Carousel Base on top of which you can, for example, build a shelf for storing workpieces or a worktop
  • It is also possible to control other motorised accessories with the joystick, such as a conveyor belt

Customised grippers

There are several options for the gripper, from which you can choose the most suitable for your company’s pieces:

  • Lifting spikes
  • Lifting magnets
  • Mechanical clamps
  • Vacuum grippers
  • Suction cups

The electric manipulator can be further customised to meet the exact needs of your business.

Present us with your business requirements, we will design a new solution!

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