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Pre-design – MetePRE®

MetePRE® pre-design for demanding special purpose machine projects.

Pre-design is a cost-efficient tool when you need a brand new special purpose machine or an automation solution.

MetePRE® is a service which we offer for very demanding machine or automation solutions.

MetePRE® gives you detailed information about how much the solution you need will cost and how will it benefit your company.

Pre-design in practise

Our engineer listens carefully to the customer’s case-by-case requirements for the solution:

We design the machine’s:

  • Functionality
  • User interface
  • Connections to MES and ERP
  • Cycle times
  • Machine’s dimensions and structures
  • Every aspect relevant to your company

If necessary, we’ll carry out small-scale tests to make sure the designed concept is functional. In addition, we’ll consult every member in our team to make sure every angle of the project is covered.

“As a result of MetePRE®, you’ll get a detailed offer of a CE-marked special purpose machine.”

Unknown machine designer

Metecno Oy

MetePRE® delivery contents

MetePRE®’s cost is determined case-by-case based on the amount of designing required.

The core of the pre-design is always the same. In other words, we produce a reliable and a concrete offer which includes both the technical and financial details of the intended machine solution:

Pre-design in a nutshell:

  • Quote
  • Overview of the machine/solution
  • Functional description
  • List of main features
  • Description of the control system
  • How material enters/exits
  • Typical cycle time
  • Machine layout image

“The cost of MetePRE® will be fully compensated if pre-design eresults in an agreement to manufacture the proposed solution.”

Unknown machine designer

Metecno Oy

MetePRE® – For a Better Offer

A carefully pre-planned offer is always better.

You can order MetePRE® pre-design with a short delivery time without committing to a purchase order.

Interested in MetePRE®?