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MeteMAN® Cobot Station - for safe automatisation of production.

Cobot Station

Cobot station offers a versatile option for automating production, piece handling and optimising easy daily routines.

MeteMAN® PCS allows the same collaborative robot to be used at different workstations and in different tasks, even during the same working day.


  • Excellent for independent tasks
  • Assistant to the employee and the production machine
  • Easy-to-move and dockable
  • Integrated machine vision and a power center
  • Can be placed in every production environment
  • Integrable cobots with different dimensions
  • Programmatic changes easily
  • Maintenance-free

We grant a full 2-year warranty on the MeteMAN® machine.
It covers all defects in design, manufacture, materials and installation.

Simple, flexible and safe

Station combines Omron’s TM series collaborative robot with a compact, pushable trolley.

Easy to set up:

  • Pre-program
  • Move
  • Dock
  • Switch on

The easy handling of the device is purposely designed to make its moving between different workstations as straightforward, fast and ergonomic as possible.

“The collaborative robot station is a versatile,
competitive alternative for light automation of production.”

Collaborative robot station implements many processes

Implement with this station production processes that require automation or are risky for the employee.

  • Production machine loading
  • Material handling
  • Gluing
  • Packing
  • Cleaning
  • Quality control
  • Marking
  • Other unilateral work

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