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Special Purpose Machines MeteMAN®

Special purpose machines solve the problem of a company’s production line, production cell, assembly or workstation, whatever the industry.

What is a special purpose machine? A special purpose machine is a technical device or system designed and manufactured specifically for a particular task or production process.

For example, special purpose machines can be used to perform complex tasks such as precision measurements, automatic quality control, sophisticated handling processes and the manufacture of multi-material products. A special purpose machine can also be a simple production machine, a finishing table or an assembly platform that cost-effectively replaces an old, unsafe production method.

Special purpose machines differ from conventional industrial machinery in that they are designed to perform demanding production tasks that cannot be done with conventional equipment. On the other hand, for the same reason, a special purpose machine can be mechanically modest if it is a new innovation that solves a production problem for the company. It can be a completely independent production machine or integrated into a larger production line.

Special purpose machines with many features

MeteMAN® is a 100% Finnish industrial machine automation solution for special needs.

It’s a smart production machine for many industries, packed with features not available on the market in a standard model.

Key features include:

  • Control system by Siemens or Beckhoff
  • Recipes
  • Data acquisition
  • Different user levels
  • Remote access
  • Servo motors
  • Robot integrations
  • Pneumatics
  • Hydraulics
  • CE marked

We can also design and manufacture a simple special machine without special features, if the customer’s requirements do not require anything more.

Full warranty for MeteMAN® special purpose machines

MeteMAN® is a modern mechatronic machine for optimising production and modernising old working methods.

  • Quality
  • User-friendly
  • Durable for its intended life
  • Worthy of 2-year full warranty

“We grant a 2-year full warranty on each MeteMAN® machine. It covers all defects in design, manufacture, materials and installation.”

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Metecno Oy

MeteMAN® special purpose machines.

MeteMAN® special purpose machines as turnkey solutions

All our machine deliveries are complete solutions from design to manufacture all the way to installation.

Our total delivery includes the following services:

  • Pre-design
  • Electrical and mechanical design
  • Design review (VR environment)
  • Building and assembly
  • Programming
  • User interface
  • FAT test
  • Installations
  • Testing and a trial run (SAT test)
  • Documentation

Design review in VR

A special purpose machine’s design review in a virtual environment provides a special benefit to the customer.

Potential needs of change to the model are identified in VR environment before the assembly phase begin. As a result, less costs to make additional changes.

Find out more about virtual reality in engineering!

“Our service pledge – one supplier, one supply date, one price.”

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Metecno Oy

MeteMAN® video gallery

Check out the different special purpose machines on our Youtube channel MeteMAN® playlist!

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