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MeteMAN® Range of Machines

The MeteMAN® range of machines is a set of scalable precision solutions for optimising production in the manufacturing industry.

  • Every MeteMAN® is made in Finland, Nokia
  • Designed with 100% Finnish engineering skills
  • Built with quality components
  • In addition a full 2-year warranty

MeteMAN® Assembly Cell

MeteMAN® Assembly Cell connected to Fastems’ flexible manufacturing system (FMS) will take your company’s production to the 2020s.

MeteMAN® Chain Bag Packaging Machine

A Finnish packaging machine for industrially produced commodities, for flexible packing of both small and large batches of products. Available in a wide range of packaging types, sizes and accessories to suit your production requirements.

MeteMAN® Vulcanising Machine

Vulcanising machine to splice the ends of rubber profiles with a film quickly and reliably. Adjust jaw temperature, clamping pressures or quickly change jaws to different sizes.

MeteMAN® Cobot Station

Cobot station offers a versatile option for automating production, piece handling and optimising easy daily routines. For independent tasks, or as an assistant to the employee or the production machine

MeteMAN® Electric Manipulator

A modern lifting device for various lifting situations where the object needs to be moved horizontally. Electric manipulator lifts heavy objects easily and delivers with precision in less than a minute!

MeteMAN® Finishing Table

A versatile solution for precision deburring, grinding or light assembly of steel parts. The machine raises the quality of the machinist’s work on every piece.

MeteMAN® Workpiece Turning Device

Enable performing the precision work of your company. Turn, support and fasten 220 – 400 mm wide pieces weighing up to 100 kg!

MeteMAN® Carousel Base

Stop the manual rotation. The MeteMAN® Carousel Base provides motorised rotation for tasks requiring high load capacity, stepping and ease of rotation.

MeteMAN® Rail Saw

MeteMAN® Rail Saw takes sawing speed and quality to a new level, providing a more efficient tool for companies sawing long material.

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