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Product WarrantyProduct warranty - full 2-year warranty on each MeteCNC® and MeteMAN® special purpose machine.

Product warranty correlates quality. Therefore we grant a full 2-year warranty on each MeteCNC® and MeteMAN® special purpose machine.

Our full warranty covers all defects in the design, manufacture, material and installation of the machine.

We make component selections for MeteCNC® and MeteMAN® special purpose machines with a minimum life cycle of 10 years in mind. We also guarantee the availability of spare parts for 10 years.

A remote connection is available in almost all of our machines. If necessary, we will monitor the machine in real time by connecting it to our server.

Warranty service request

For product warranty issues, please contact us or by phone +358 20 741 5500.

Product warranty terms

See more detailed warranty terms at the link below:

When the product warranty expiresProduct catalogue of special purpose machines.

We will continue to provide support even after the warranty expires.

We value long customer relationships, so we fix software bugs remotely or arrive on site with the shortest possible response time.

If you wish, we also offer a customised longer-term maintenance contract for your company.

Product catalogue

In the product catalogue you will find our previous products with a product warranty.

Check out our product catalogue to see our previous machine and automation solutions. The machines can be ordered as such with optimal delivery time – ask for the latest price!

Please note that the technical characteristics attached to the machines are not standard. In other words, we can further design these machines to meet your specific needs.

As a result, we deliver new machines with new dimensions including the installation of a new complete solution.

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