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RoboticsRobots helping on a production line.

Robotics offers various possibilities to enhance production and make it more agile in new ways. We want to provide SMEs with robotic solutions to make processes more efficient and reduce lead times. Robots produce more accurate work and the same robot can be utilised for several uses. Therefore, robotics has tons of potential to improve your company’s competitiveness.

As part of an automation solution, we can offer your company piece handling robots or cobots, either for independent tasks or as part of an industrial production line.

Collaborative robots

Collaborative robot, or cobot, is a cost-efficient application, that offers many benefits. Compared to traditional industrial robots, cobots are small and function well together with a worker. Thanks to an integrated machine vision, cobots can carry out multiple tasks, especially those that are dangerous for a worker. Cobots can also release an employee from a monotonous job to a problem-solving task. We offer integrative collaborative robot solutions from our partner Omron’s range.

Many options

In addition to grippers and tools, we can supplement robots with machine vision or other features. We don’t represent a particular robot manufacturer and therefore we can provide the robot purely based on your needs:

  • KUKA
  • Fanuc
  • ABB
  • etc.

The most important thing is that the designed automation solution works. We design solutions together with our customers, since that way we achieve the best result.

You don’t have to worry about which robot application is the most suitable for your company. The answer isn’t always a robot – it can be a special purpose machine.

Let’s have a cup of coffee together and talk through what options your company could have!

Tell us your needs – we’ll be happy to help you!