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The Data Sheet is a Key Tool in the Communication Between the Manufacturer and the Customer


All the essential information about a special purpose machine is collected in a data sheet, which provides an easy and time-efficient way for the customer to familiarise himself with the machine in advance. There are many types of data sheets, but Metecno aims for a specific format.

Thorough As-Built Documentation is a Guarantee of the Manufacturer’s Competence


As-built drawings are a cornerstone of product management in mechanical engineering. They record all changes made to the original drawings during the manufacturing phase of the machine, which in machine lifecycle thinking brings many benefits to both the manufacturer and the customer.

Virtual Reality Offers an Added Benefit to the Industrial Buyer


Virtual reality is a modern tool in mechanical engineering. VR brings new dimensions to the design review of a machine’s 3D model for both the manufacturer and the customer. At Metecno’s premises, the customer will be able to see a virtual model of the machine before the start of the assembly.

State-of-the-art CNC Machine in Close-up – “Its fast movements are spectacular”


State-of-the-art CNC machine is a much faster CNC machine than any other CNC milling machine and capable of higher accelerations in particular. Speed, in turn, enables significantly higher efficiency in machining and, for example, laser machining.

Digital Twin a New Method at Metecno – Smart Modelling for the Benefit of the Customer


The digital twin is a virtual simulation model produced by a software, a copy of the intended machine solution. It’s a smart digital equivalent of a physical end result, which saves time, effort and costs.

Pre-design – The Cornerstone of an Industrial Machine and Automation Solution


Pre-design is a key part of the design process for a mechanical engineering and automation solution. Pre-design produces a reliable, high-quality offer to solve a customer’s problem and improve a company’s productivity.