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Gantry CNC machine tool | MeteCNC®.

Gantry CNC Machine Tool

Gantry CNC machine tool that ensures vibration-free machining of high strength steels.

Finnish 3-axis MeteCNC® G-18-24-05 represents the premium of machine tools with its machining precision. Cast iron frames and four rails on the X-axis ensure that the machine is particularly sturdy.



Dimensions (LxWxH)mm3870 x 4540 x 3520


Movements (XxYxZ)mm1800 x 2400 x 500
Feed force X/Y/ZkNmax. 10/10/10
Repeatability R (ISO 10791-4)µm5
Positioning accuracy A (ISO 10791-4)µm20
Reversal error B (ISO 10791-4)µm3
Quick movementsm/min17


Synchronous motorkW63
Spindle interfaceHSK A100
TorqueNm200 (S1) / 240 (S6 40%)
Flow cooling – liquidbar50
Flow cooling – dry airbar10
Feed force X/Y/ZkNmax. 4/4/4
Automatic tool change


Digital twin

Attachment requirements

ElectricityV, hz3×400, 50
Compressed airbar6

See the benefits:

  • Digital twin
    –> Enables you to test programs offline

  • Machine’s gantry structure
    –> Enables unlimited long pieces to be brought onto the machine

  • Machine’s gantry structure
    –> Enables different table options, integrated or stand-alone

Trust a Finnish CNC machine manufacturer

Metecno Oy is a premium manufacturer of customised CNC machines.

MeteCNC® G-18-24-05 is a Finnish premium solution for the demanding machining needs of steel.

If your company’s machining needs differ from this, we can design and manufacture a gantry-type CNC machine tool for your company as a customised bespoke solution. Even then, we hand over the machine with a full 2-year warranty!

Machine options:

Different machining requirements
Different dimensions
Different types of spindles
Integrated chain magazine
Integrated disc magazine
Number of tools
Additional options

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