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Gantry CNC machine tool | MeteCNC®.

Gantry CNC Machine Tool

Gantry CNC machine tool that ensures vibration-free machining of high strength steels.

Finnish 3-axis MeteCNC® G-18-24-05 represents the premium of machine tools with its machining precision. Cast iron frames and four rails on the X-axis ensure that the machine is particularly sturdy.

Machine options

Different machining requirements
Different dimensions
Different types of spindles
Integrated chain magazine
Integrated disc magazine
Number of tools
Additional options

See the benefits:

  • Digital twin
    –> Enables you to test programs offline

  • Machine’s gantry structure
    –> Enables unlimited long pieces to be brought onto the machine

  • Machine’s gantry structure
    –> Enables different table options, integrated or stand-alone

Trust a Finnish CNC machine manufacturer

Metecno Oy is a premium manufacturer of customised CNC machines.

MeteCNC® G-18-24-05 is a Finnish premium solution for the demanding machining needs of steel.

If your company’s machining needs differ from this, we can design and manufacture a gantry-type CNC machine tool for your company as a customised bespoke solution. Even then, we hand over the machine with a full 2-year warranty!

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