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Engineering Design Services

Engineering design - Metecno Oy.

Engineering design in Metecno relies on well-known software like SolidWorks and Vertex, and the vast knowledge of our personnel. 

We design thoroughly thought-out bespoke solutions for companies in need of industrial automation and robotics, as well as modernisation of machines and production lines.

Engineering design - Metecno Oy.

Versatile engineering design

With years of experience, we reliably implement the following design elements:

  • Automation design
  • Mechanical design
  • Electrical design
  • Software design
  • Hydraulics design
  • System design
  • Pneumatics design
  • User interface design

Our aim in engineering design

We aim for a sustainable, polished end result that provides the best customer experience and a means to improve production.

We complement the finished design work with a complete delivery of the solution, including installation and user training, whenever necessary.

We always carry out each design according to the same quality criteria and pay close attention to the client’s specific wishes.

“Your company can rely on us as a responsible design partner, capable of bringing your project to the finish line ready for operation.”

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Metecno Oy

Programmable logics

Programmable logic is a common and effective solution in modern automation.

Our main logcs are Siemens and Beckhoff.

We listen to your wishes regarding the choice of logic control and make sure your preference is the most suitable for your company.

Engineering design - Metecno Oy.

Designing a user interface

A modern, easy-to-use UI is a significant element in production’s day-to-day operations and security.

As a starting point we take the end user’s point of view and design the simplest and most logical way to use the machine where the risk of making an error is minimised.

For example, we provide user interfaces based on Beckhoff’s TwinCAT HMI which, as a web-based system, can be operated regardless of the operating system, browser or device and also provides a lot of potential applications.

A quality display panel guarantees good observation and easy interactiveness, which are of great importance. Mobile interfaces are always designed so that even if your tablet gets lost, the machine won’t be affected.

“The interfaces we design make work easier, faster, safer and more meaningful.”

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Metecno Oy


We also carry out design projects in cooperation.

Manufacturing companies know exactly what they need. We are happy to help them implement an automation solution that will help them succeed, in the form of a co-design.

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