Our Values – Metecno Oy

Our Values

As a Finnish family-owned company, our values guide us in our everyday functions.

These values are also represented in every Mete special purpose machine project.

Customer-oriented approach

For us, the customer is the hub of hubs.

In our company’s work the individual needs of our customers lay the foundation for our business and every product solution.

We don’t want to offer general solutions but high-class, expedient machines that solve specific problems and offer added value to our customers.


We try to engage in active dialogue with our customers and stakeholders in order to create mutual trust and conditions for a long co-operative relationship.

We believe that open communication and working in close collaboration enables us to achieve the best possible outcome in both routine and project work.

We also want to develop communication within our organisation, since it is a key element in developing business and nurturing customer relationships.

Goal orientation

We target optimal solutions to our customer’s needs and keeping the promises we made at the start of the co-operation process in terms of costs and quality.

Completing an order as such is a secondary goal – our primarily objective is for the best possible end result for our customers.

We also continuously aim to obtain more know-how to be able to keep on producing innovative machines that meet the requirements of our customers.


We want to manufacture and offer our customers quality machines that will last for their entire designated lice cycle.

Therefore, for our machine we accept only well-known, quality components and in the course of designing we delve into the minor details to guarantee high quality.

We also ensure high quality in our solutions by committing to quality standards in our line of business, recruiting a highly-trained workforce and participating in continuous professional development.

The machines and equipment we supply always meet the requirements of current legislation, official regulations and directives. We commit ourselves to adhering to these values ​​and will further develop our operations and quality management in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality system. At the heart of our quality policy is the pursuit of continuous improvement.

Metecno Oy – Special Purpose Machine Manufacturer Since 2008