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MeteCNC® laser welding machine.

Laser welding machine

Laser welding machine for high-precision and dynamic laser welding of aluminium, copper and steel.

MeteCNC® LWM-2000 welds two different materials together at high speed using laser equipment from Coherent, a pioneer in the laser industry.


  • Working area 1000 x 2000 mm
  • Quick movements – 60 m/min
  • 2 G accelerations
  • Positioning accuracy ± 0,01 mm
  • Class 4 laser
  • Adjustable laser power, total power 6 kW
  • CE marked
  • Full 2-year warranty

Versatile laser welding solution

The machine is applicable to many welding purposes:

  • Sheet metal welding
  • Steel plate welding
  • For welding different types of seams
  • Welding of cell structures
  • Welding in serial production

Benefits of laser welding

Laser welding is an excellent method when you want:

  • To maintain the mechanical properties of the material to be welded, such as hardness and strength
  • Avoid high heat output in the working process
  • Avoid thermal distortion in the workpiece
  • A cost-effective process
  • A visually good weld
  • Deep, narrow weld
  • Quickly a durable seam
  • Minimal need for rework

Why order a laser welding machine from us?

Metecno Oy is an experienced CNC machine manufacturer.

We have supplied VTT with a radiation-resistant CNC machine tool and are currently building a CNC machining centre for Posiva Oy’s encapsulation plant.

Based on the dimensions and functions of the machine including the laser power source you require we can design and manufacture a completely custom made CNC laser welding machine.

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