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MeteMAN® Assembly Press.

Assembly Press

Assembly press for precision assembly of a wide variety of solids of revolution, where production requires an automatic, stand-alone process.

MeteMAN® KPP-5T is a servo-driven 3-in-1 production press that automatically moves, positions and compresses parts to be assembled.

Technical information

Dimension (LxWxH)mm725 x 2100 x 2300
Diameter of the grippersmm10-200
Compressive forceNMax. 50 000
Compression depthmm10-360
Compression stopmm10-80
Electrical connection requirementThree-phase/16A
CE marked
Full 2 year warranty

Versatile features

MeteMAN® Assembly Press is an automatic production machine that operates independently or as part of a line.

The structure of the machine offers many options for the process:

  • Ball screw functionality ensures compression depth and piece positioning with an accuracy of up to hundredths of a millimetre
  • Power-based positioning as an option
  • Concentric grippers allow the gripping force and diameter of the grippers to be adjusted according to the piece
  • Adjustable compression stops allow for countless piece sizes in serial production
  • Functions programmable per component

“In short, the KPP-5T is more than just a press.”

Unknown machine designer

Metecno Oy

For whom?

The KPP-5T is a tailor-made solution for manufacturing companies that want to assemble gears, shafts or bearings in a cost-effective way.

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