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Portable CNC machining centre.

Portable CNC Machining Centre

Portable CNC machining centre for milling and drilling steel, aluminium and softer materials.

As a portable CNC machine, the 3-axis MeteCNC® Portable Machining Centre offers a practical alternative for various machining needs in tight spaces. If it’s difficult to move the material to be machined, then move the machine to the material!


  • Movements 400 x 4000 mm
  • Weight 2000 kg
  • T-Slot table
  • Integrated power centre
  • Movable even with pump trucks
  • Option for chip conveyor
  • CE marked
  • Full 2-year warranty

See the benefits:

  • Move the machine, not the material
    –> Save time in material logistics

  • Easy removal and installation of the machine
    –> In 30 min. the machine in a new location and levelled

  • T-slot table diversifies
    –> Machine both long profiles and smaller pieces

  • Narrow and compact
    –> Store against the wall away from the factory walkway

  • Hatches on both ends
    –> Easily feed overlong material to the machine

Rely on Finnish bespoke CNC machines

Metecno Oy is a recognised CNC machine manufacturer.

We have supplied VTT with a radiation-resistant CNC machine tool and are currently building a CNC machining centre for Posiva Oy’s encapsulation plant.

Based on the dimensions and functions of the machine including options you require we can design and manufacture a completely custom made portable CNC machine tool.

For more details

Please contact: sales@metecno.fi

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