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At the core of our quality policy is a commitment to continuous improvement at all levels of the business by everyone on our staff.

We purposefully optimise existing processes in our production chain by developing their content.

Certified ISO 9001:2015

We meet the requirements of the management system standard ISO 9001: 2015 for the sale, design and manufacture of special purpose machines.

All the special purpose machines we manufacture must pass strict quality management processes before the delivery date and thus the customer can rely on the high end quality of our special machines.

Full warranty

We grant a 2-years full warranty on each MeteCNC®– ja MeteMAN® special purpose machine.

The warranty covers all defects in the design, manufacture, materials and installation of the machine.

With a strong product warranty, we communicate the high quality of our solutions, which is one of the indicators of the success of our business.

Optimised full delivery

Each of our total deliveries goes through processes that are closely monitored both qualitatively and on schedule.

Our special purpose machine must pass a multi-item checklist before it is actually delivered to our customer.

“By developing our service offering and production processes, we want to ensure both customer satisfaction with projects and the user experience of our machine and automation solutions..”

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