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MeteMAN® Industrial finishing table.

Finishing Table

Industrial finishing table is a versatile solution for deburring, grinding or light assembly of steel parts.

MeteMAN® Finishing Table consists of an adjustable table and a spinning magnetic stack, which together create an adjustable level for handling a wide variety of workpieces.


  • Enables many different work processes
  • Suitable for workpieces of different sizes
  • Adjustable table height and angle
  • Stack has stepless speed control
  • Stack can also be turned by hand
  • Workpiece max. 10 kg
  • Table lifting capacity up to 50 kg
  • Long life device
  • Maintenance-free
  • CE marked
  • 2-year full warranty

“With the finishing table an experienced machinist can take his work efficiency to a new level and, say, deburring becomes much more easier.”

Unknown machine designer

Metecno Oy

Facilitates production work

Many manual work processes, especially deburring, are easy with this multi-task machining tool.

  • Attach workpiece to the magnetic stack
  • Start the spinning of the stack
  • Machine the piece with the tool of your choice
  • The piece can be regular or irregular in shape

High machine safety

Safe machine operation is a priority for all MeteMAN® machines, including the industrial finishing table.

  • Table has a CE marking and comprehensive safety specifications
  • Even with a weight of 130 kg, the table, bolted to the floor, is a robust work station on which the worker can safely place his or her full weight
  • Protected structure of the device ensures the safety of hands and fingers
  • The limited torque of the stack prevents pieces from falling out
  • Foot pedal, on the other hand, ensures that the pack only rotates when the worker wants it to

See the benefits:

  • Just turn on the power and attach the piece
    –> Quick start to the work process

  • Less work for the machinist
    –> Improved quality of work

  • The pack can be machined again and again
    –> Production machine for the long term

  • Slim, compact
    –> Fits in a small production space

  • Low maintenance
    –> Working hours are only spent doing work

Industrial finishing table customised

We can customise the table to the different needs of different companies ask for anything!

For example, we can:

  • Modify the size of the spinning magnetic stack according to the weight and size of the part to be machined
  • If the material to be processed is not steel, we can use a three jaw lathe
  • Implement a stepping for the stack if the worker needs to automatically move the piece a little at a time.

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