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Motorised rotation | Carousel Base | Ancillary equipment for industrial production.

Carousel Base

Motorised rotation for industrial works requiring high load capacity, stepping and ease of rotation.

As a production aid MeteMAN® Carousel Base makes work faster and improves ergonomics.

“The base interface enables a wide range of applications regardless of the industry.”

Unknown machine designer

Metecno Oy

Options for use

As a helping hand for production MeteMAN® is simply efficient.

Use the base to perform these tasks:

  • Orientation of shelves
  • Worktop positioning
  • Rotation of an assembly base
  • Welding jig rotation

See the benefits:

  • Rotating base
    –> Speeds up the work process

  • Less manual work
    –> Raises the quality of work

  • Rotating a heavy object just by pressing a button
    –> Improves employee ergonomics

For more details

We can also design shelves, worktops and assembly solutions according to your company’s requirements for connection to the base.

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