Data Sheets on Special Purpose Machines – Metecno Oy

Metecno's data sheet.

The Data Sheet is a Key Tool in the Communication Between the Manufacturer and the Customer


Imagine that you are looking for a specific component for a very important project, but you come across a data sheet that seems to be made more like an interior design magazine than an expert source of information.

Floral patterns in the background, font size varies wildly, and critical technical information is hidden between the lines. Read on, and we’ll tell you what a good data sheet really contains and how it makes the engineer’s work easier both at Metecno and at our customer companies!

Data sheet primarily contains information

Datasheet is a document that presents the product’s technical characteristics, performance and other relevant information.

From a mechanical engineering perspective, data sheets are mainly needed to ensure that customers understand the product’s functionality, suitability for specific applications, and potential limitations. Metecno’s future data sheets will contain information on, for example, the dimensions, weight, materials, performance values ​​and software of special purpose machines.

Ways to recognise a good data sheet

The ideal data sheet offers the best reading experience with the following features:

  • Clarity and simplicity: The data sheet should be easy to read and understand. It should use clear headings, short paragraphs and pictures or diagrams to illustrate the information.
  • Systematicity: The information should be presented in a logical order that makes it easier for the reader to follow and understand. This may mean, for example, presenting technical information, performance and installation instructions in separate sections.
  • Details: The data sheet should contain all relevant information so that the reader can make informed decisions about the suitability of the product. This can include, for example, exact dimensions, material information and performance values ​​for different operating modes.
  • Visuality: A good data sheet uses pictures, graphs and tables effectively to illustrate information and make it easier to understand. This is especially important when dealing with complex technical data or details related to the machine’s structure.

Datasheet brings the machine closer to the customer

However, the most important task of data sheet is to provide potential customers with comprehensive and comprehensible information about the product.

With a quick glance, the reader gets the key facts, which is especially important in expensive and complex equipment like CNC machine tools. A well-done data sheet gives our customers the opportunity to evaluate the suitability of the machine for their own needs and avoid incorrect assumptions that can lead to expensive loss of working time.

For example, a customer who wants a CNC machine for manufacturing metal parts can check the machine’s performance for different materials, software compatibility and maintenance requirements in the data sheet. With this information, the customer can instantly choose the right machine for their own needs.

Data sheet also benefits the manufacturer

Compiling a data sheet also benefits us as the manufacturer in many ways.

First of all, a professionally prepared data sheet gives a reliable and expert image of our company. Second, a good data sheet can reduce the burden on sales and customer service, as it provides customers with all the necessary information as self-service. This saves time and resources that can be used for other areas of business development. Thirdly, it creates an internal data bank from which any of the personnel can quickly recall the most important specs.

Metecno’s data sheets in the future

In summary, it can be stated that a high-quality data sheet is clear, detailed, systematic and visually illustrative, and this is what Metecnok wants to offer for each of its machines.

We update every MeteCNC® and MeteMAN® machine information for future data sheets, with which we strive to offer an even better business experience to those seeking our solutions.