Meteco Continued to Grow in 2020 – Metecno Oy

Metecno Oy Continued to Grow in 2020


We have completed the 2020 financial statements. Last year, for the first time in the company’s history, Metecno Oy achieved a turnover of more than EUR 1 million and made a nice profit as well. In addition to the company continuing to grow in the light of the numbers, the brand image of the special purpose machine manufacturer was also strengthened with new partnership agreements and orders.

The financial ratios for the financial year 2020 at Metecno Oy were quite good throughout. The change in net sales was approximately 54%, the operating profit was over 7% and the result for the financial year was EUR 49,000.

From CEO

“When I started building new premises, the goal was to take the company as a whole to a new level. With the achievement of a record turnover of EUR 1 million, it seems that the goal has been at least partially achieved”, rejoices CEO Matti Metsähonkala. “We are content with these numbers but not totally satisfied. We are hungry to achieve more, so in 2021 we will once again aim for the best year in the company’s history.”


The highlights of the year were undoubtedly the agreement with Posiva, i.e. the total delivery of a robotic machining station to a spent nuclear fuel encapsulation plant, and the order for the total delivery of an unprecedented MeteCNC® special purpose machine. Both projects progressed as planned in 2020 and, when completed, will serve as the flagships of Metecno Oy’s special purpose machine manufacturing.

Personnel changes

On the personnel side, the situation remained the same as familiar personnel continued their work and increased their skills with new software and methods. The number of employees in the company grew by one engineer, and Metecno was able to provide internships for four students. The identity of the family business was also strengthened when the company’s other owner, Marika Metsähonkala, moved from the background at the turn of the year to strengthen Metecno’s day-to-day operations.

ISO 9001

As a sign of growth and development, the company launched a project in 2020 to obtain ISO 9001 certification, which is expected to be successfully completed during 2021. A particularly significant single operation during the year was the purchase of product rights for a chain bag packaging machine from Jujoma Oy. The machine has received a lot of interest and there are clear sales expectations for the next-generation model that will be built as a result of product development work this spring.