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Packaging machine.

Product Rights for the Chain Bag Packaging Machine to Metecno Oy

News 04.09.2020

Juhani Ikonen, CEO of Jujoma Oy, who has been manufacturing and selling industrial packaging machines for a long time, has decided to retire and at the same time sell the product rights of the chain bag packaging machine to Metecno Oy. According to the agreement, Metecno Oy will manufacture, sell and be responsible for the future product development of the chain bag packaging machine in Finland.

The roots of this packaging machine date back to the early 2000s, when Juhani was selling the machine under the name of Kepakko. Several trade fairs and countries also became familiar when meeting those who needed a packaging machine. For a long time Jujoma Oy’s product portfolio also included many other products, but in the end the decision was made to concentrate the company’s resources only on the packaging machine in 2012. Since the packaging solution was launched in 2009 it has found a good foothold in the packaging market.

“The machine itself is simple, well-designed and efficient, but like all other equipment, you have to learn how to use, adjust and maintain it. Even if I give up the product itself, I will still continue to provide service of the use, maintenance and spare parts for the machines”, says Juhani. “On second thought, I guess Metecno will soon take those over, too”, he adds with a laugh.

“Juhani has designed a great machine and it is exciting to start developing it further”, adds Matti Metsähonkala. “When he considered us to be the kind of company to which he could hand over the continuation of his life’s work, of course, the honor offered could not be refused. We have already made a few improvements to the latest machine and in accordance with the principles of our company, we will not be satisfied with them, but will continue to develop it on the basis of every emerging need. The number of about 40 machines sold indicates that the machine as a solution is necessary and interesting.”

For inquiries about the machine

Matti Metsähonkala, CEO
+358 20 741 6210

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Metecno Oy and Convergent Information Technologies GmbH to Cooperate with AUTOMAPPPS Software

News 18.05.2020

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AUTOMAPPPS robot offline programming

AUTOMAPPPS is a software family designed for robot programming, which offers advanced means for remote robot programming and reactive robot programming such as bin-picking. AUTOMAPPPS. whose applications can benefit companies in many ways, enables faster, easier and even fully automated robot programming using external sensors.

The software supports products from more than 15 robot manufacturers and it has various application possibilities in a wide range of work processes: for example painting / powder painting, grinding, polishing, other surface treatment, marking, cleaning, high pressure washing, deburring, inspection, quality control, 3D workpiece measurement, bin-picking and pick-and-place are processes for which AUTOMAPPPS is an excellent tool for optimization.

In the future, Metecno Oy will use AUTOMAPPPS software as part of its industrial automation, robotics and special purpose machine solutions, as the software will enable even higher quality and more cost-effective results for customers. With the agreement with Convergent Information Technologies GmbH, Metecno Oy also acts as the official retailer of the AUTOMAPPPS product and related services, such as programming, training and implementation services, in Finland.

The agreement strengthens Metecno Oy’s status as a high-quality service provider in the field of robot applications. Above all, the agreement will improve Metecno Oy’s ability to help companies increase the efficiency of their production extensively with the means of robotics.

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Omron’s Collaborative Robots from Metecno

News 02.03.2020

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Cobots from Omron
Metecno Oy and Omron Electronics Oy have signed a partnership agreement to supply collaborative robots as a part of efficient, secure solutions for industrial machine and automation needs. Cobots have great potential to streamline and agile production for companies of all sizes and Omron’s TM series offers improved capabilities for companies to utilize robotics. With the agreement, Metecno Oy is one of the few machine manufacturers in the Tampere and Satakunta region to integrate Omron’s high-quality cobots into the production environment.

Further information

Matti Metsähonkala, CEO
+358 20 741 6210

Metecno Oy Will Deliver Konecranes a Robot Cell

News 05.12.2019

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Metecno Oy has signed a contract with the world’s leading lifting equipment company Konecranes for the overall delivery of a robot cell to the company’s production plant in Hämeenlinna. The cell includes two robots, two machine vision systems and two MeteMAN® special purpose machines – a press and a bearing magazine.

MetePRE® preplanning of the cell has been completed and the actual designing has started. Estimated time of completing the project is in the autumn of 2020.

This agreement reinforces Metecno Oy’s ambition and expertise to serve as a special purpose machine manufacturer for different types of industry in demanding projects.

Further information

Mikko Similä, Project Manager
+358 20 741 6213

Our New Website

News 10.10.2019

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Welcome to our new website! We updated it since there have been some major changes in our services and to make sure everyone understands what kind of a service provider Metecno Oy actually is. Providing our website in English is a brand new service.

References is a section we have had before, but now it takes a slightly different angle. Now our customers have their say and reveal how they feel about the business relationship we’ve had with them.

The News and Insights section is another innovation. We will continue to share information via our social media channels, but adding this helps you stay in touch with us more effectively.

We aim to be an open and reliable company with a strong desire to design and build special purpose machines. Hopefully these pages reflect that – welcome once more!

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